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Who am I?

“The YP Foundation is a collective of 8 years of histories of young people who have lived and worked in Delhi and have engaged with different aspects of the city at different points and times. Seldom does one find an institution to work in, where the development of the people in the organization is paramount to the work it does.

– Pallavi Kaushal, 23 years old, Staff Member, The YP Foundation

Well, professionally, I am the Volunteer Manager at The YP Foundation (TYPF), personally, I can place myself as a young person living in Delhi, working in the development sector and attempting to decipher her own politics on issues and non-issues alike.

This June, I complete one-year of working with TYPF. The past 12 months have been anything but routine and mundane. That’s the thing about this organization, not a single day is the same, not a single conversation is the same and more than anything else, you’re not the same.

What is The YP Foundation? It’s a youth led and run non-profit in New Delhi, India that develops young people’s leadership skills to take action on issues that young people are passionate about. Founded in 2002, the organization supports young people between the ages of 13 and 28 to conceptualize and implement community based projects that challenge stereotypes, forge sustainable partnerships and promote the uninhibited expression of young people.

Let’s break that down. It’s a space where young people like me debate, get involved, get creative, explore new ideas, implement our convictions and claim a stake in processes of governance, mental health and sexual-reproductive rights. It’s a platform where we explore conventional and unconventional ideas of providing access to young people to the performing arts industry; it’s also a place where you are able to learn and hone your skills with filmmaking. Finally, it’s a process, where the means are as, if not more important, than the end, where we understand human rights and its relevance in our personal lives. It’s a place where having differing perspectives from your peers and colleagues are a GOOD thing.

Understanding how to work through the dissonance that emerges from so many young people working across multiple movements, finding solidarity and learning to work together, is a core part of what this organization does for and with young people.

The YP Foundation is all of the above and everything you want it to be. It’s a collective of 8 years of histories of young people who have lived in Delhi and have engaged with different aspects of the city and different points of times. Seldom does one find an institution to work in where the development of the people is paramount to the work it produces.

As the organization moves into a new year it’s looking for passionate and committed young professionals (read: young people between the ages of 13-28) to take forward the aspirations of young people who have worked for TYPF over the past 8 years

If you feel that this is the place for you, apply! If you know someone who you think should apply, let them know we are hiring. J We need your help to spread the word.

The YP Foundation is an organization that challenges who you are and questions your self-defined limits. The question is are you ready for the ride?

Pallavi Kaushal
Head – Volunteer Management System
The YP Foundation

To apply, download 3 forms, the Management Positions Profiles, the Programme Divisions Profiles that will tell you more about the positions available and the Staff Application Form that you need to submit to jobs@theypfoundation.org.

Click here to download a zip folder with all 3 documents


  1. Arjun says:

    I have been very interested and active in attending the YP projects.
    I really want to be a part of it.But I have some queries.Where should i ask about them.
    You are hiring staff members.I will be entering my second year at Hansraj college(DU).
    Am I eligible for those posts or there will be some other hiring programme sometime later.
    I don’t want to miss this time.

    Please reply soon.

  2. Hi Arjun, you can give Pallavi at our office a call at 46792243. Yes, as a part time student you can apply for the part time posts that we have. The application form that you download from here has details of which posts are part time, but you’re also welcome to speak with Pallavi. Do apply! Cheers!

  3. Bikram Kohli says:

    Are there any internships available for the summer? I am in India for the summer only and would like to be able to do something.


  4. Hi Bikram, yes there are internship applications. You can email pallavi at yp.volunteer.management@gmail.com and they will send you the profiles. Cheers!

  5. Manish Bhartia says:


    Currently I am working in a Management Institute as Admissions Manager at Gurgaon and get free time only on weekends. So is it possible to work on short term projects which you organize from time to time? Are there projects for Gurgaon?

  6. kabir mustafi says:

    Nothing but praise

  7. vinay bahety says:

    hey,i live in kolkata and m currently pursuing graduation..i have not been a part of YP projects..but hav read a lot on u ppl on d net..to be honest v have started a similar forum/organisatn taking a leaf out of ur book..we look up to u earnestly and wud want to know dat if u plan to start a kolkata chapter of the YP.v wud love to carry on d good work here..i had mailed earlier regarding this but dint receive any response..hope to hear from you this time..

  8. Varun says:

    Hey I only just found this page and it seems the last date for submissions has gone by. I think what you guys are doing is great and was wondering if you’re looking to move into different cities.
    I live in Pune.

    Good luck,

  9. Izhar Husain says:

    The Youth Parliament is the wonderful piece of work for both young professionals and beneficiaries.It will definitely make a remarkable and positive change in the society.

  10. akansha says:

    Hi, I am an MBA- HR postgraduate recently passed out of college in march,2010 .I am currently working with Jessop & co ltd , kolkata but dissapointed as i am not getting the learning forum and the thrill to work.Heard alot about you so wanted to know if there are any openings in HR or events for me!
    cheers! akansha 🙂

  11. Kriti says:

    I was out for my internship, just got to know that YP is hiring people. I am really interested in a venture like this. Though I have missed the deadline 🙁 , is it still possible to apply? Also, I will be going in second year, LSR, does that match the eligibility?

  12. @ Kriti, just call office at 01146792243 and speak with Pallavi Kaushal. I’m pretty sure you still can put in an application for some positions.

    @Akansha – there definitely are, but our window to accept applications closes soon, so do give Pallavi Kaushal a call at our office number above and speak with her directly. She’s coordinating the process.

    @Izhar – thank you for the support 🙂 We appreciate it 🙂

    @Varun – hey, we work with young people from over 10 states in India, but we run community programmes in Delhi. Across the country – we work more through our partners and in bringing young people together through specific training programmes or forums that we do nationally. Email us at theypfoundation@gmail.com and when the next training opportunity comes in, we’ll keep you in the loop for sure! There’s one coming up in September 2010.

    @Vinay – Hi Vinay, no plans for a Kolkatta chapter right now, but we do know and are connected with some amazing youth led work happening there. Email us and we’ll connect you 🙂

    @Mr. Mustafi – thank you sir 🙂 much respect and love from all of the crew here 🙂

    @Manish – hey manish, do give Pallavi Kaushal a call or send her an email. She’s best placed to give you advice 🙂

  13. kinshuk surjan says:

    hye! i am a visual communicator, studying at srishti school of design , bangalore. i was delighted to know about the cause yp is working towards . and would love to get involved with communication solutions.i also designed posters for the rti act lecture series.

  14. Hi Kinshuk! Thanks for your email. Could you send Pattie Gonsalves an email at gonsalvesp@theypfoundation.org ? She’d definitely welcome the support and be able to figure out how we can involve you. Cheers!

  15. Devakshi says:

    I came across YP when I used to live in Delhi. I even attended a talk on HIV/AIDS that my father, Dr. P D Nayar delivered about 5 years ago. Ever since then, Iv not had any major interaction with YP.
    I am currently based in Manila, Philippines. I was wondering if my posting here could be of any help to you.
    I started working in areas related to Life Skills Education, HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, and Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health ever since the age of 12.
    Please let me know if I could be of any assistance to your organization. I would be happy to send in my CV.
    Devakshi Nayar

  16. Hi Devakshi, Great to hear from you and yes, we remember Dr. Nayar, working with us on a session on Peer Pressure. Send me an email at theypfoundation@gmail.com and we can definitely share thoughts 🙂

  17. vini nair says:

    i am a first year english(h)student at the du and what i would like to know is how to apply for the volunteer programme since the vacancies on the page seem to be staff positions and would require experience. Also, if possible,i would like some information on vacancies involving editing and other such skills.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Vini Nair

  18. Ishita says:

    Hi Vini, thank you for your interest in our work! If you could email Radhika at volunteer@theypfoundation.org she can take this forward with you 🙂

  19. KARAN says:

    I am karan , from the school BAL BHARATI PUBLIC SCHOOL . You had your interactive session today.I also wanna be part ur Foundation …as being a student of 9th class….please reply soon .

  20. The YP Foundation says:

    Hi! There is an induction meeting tomorrow that we suggest you attend, details of which are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/357214197719370/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_joined – register and come and meet the staff of the organization, and they can give you more details about volunteering as well as working with us 🙂

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