YP Foundation is making young citizens responsible for the social change 

Geetanjali Krishna
Business Standard
23 March 2018

Sometime ago, a group of teenagers conducted a safety audit of Nizamuddin Basti in New Delhi. Using an app, they identified dark spots, mounds of construction debris and malfunctioning streetlights — all of which contributed in making the area unsafe for young women to move around freely.

Audit completed, they presented the findings to the elders in the community. The results were instant and positive, and not only because some of the findings of the safety audit were immediately addressed. The greater outcome was that the community accepted that young people, especially girls, had a ...

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Make an informed maternity choice

Swapna Majumdar
The Pioneer
29 December 2017

When 19-year-old Sonia visited the doctor at a Government facility for a pregnancy test, one of the first questions she was asked was whether she was sexually active. Although she was taken aback by this question, Sonia admitted to being so. Immediately, the doctor asked her to strip for a pelvic examination. Then without any warming, she inserted her finger in her vagina to check if Sonia was pregnant. Although she felt violated, Sonia could do nothing. She wasn't aware that she had the right to an informed consent to this procedure.

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वो चार दिन : युवा-पैरोकारी पर प्रशिक्षण-कार्यशाला के

Swati Singh
Feminism in India
14 August 2017


बीते 18 से 21 जुलाई 2017 तक द वाई पी फाउंडेशन (नई दिल्ली) की तरफ से ‘युवा पैरोकारी के प्रशिक्षण’ पर कार्यशाला का आयोजन किया गया था, जहाँ देश के अलग-अलग क्षेत्र से आये युवा समाजकर्मियों ने हिस्सा लिया| इस कार्यशाला का हिस्सा बनना इतना आसान नहीं था, क्योंकि इसमें शामिल होने के लिए सिर्फ युवा होना काफी नहीं था| बल्कि इसके लिए ज़रूरी था सामाजिक मुद्दों पर सुलझी हुई तार्किक समझ का होना, किसी भी समस्या से निपटने के लिए सटीक समाधान तलाशने की परिपक्व सोच का होना और सबसे अहम कुछ नया सीखने, समझने और उसे अपने काम में लागू करने का जज्बा होना| इन सभी गुणों को फाउंडेशन की तरफ से आवेदन की लंबी प्रक्रिया के ज़रिए प्रतिभागियों को तराशा गया|

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Gender Benders on Your FB Wall

The New Indian Express
24 February 2017

...[T]wo 20-year-olds from Delhi...got their creative cogs turning to start Gender Pages Project, a platform for people to come together and redefine gender identities through art and photography. Besides this, Vanika Sharma and Shirin Choudhary, founders of the Facebook page, have also created modules for students...The idea struck these girls when they were volunteering for an NGO, The YP Foundation (The Youth Parliament), on a project called Know Your Body, Know Your Rights.

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What Would you wear if clothing wasN't divided by gender?

Youth ki Awaaz
30 December 2016

An article by TYPF Fellow Suvrita Bhatia

Gender is a performance that changes based on the spaces we occupy and the people we are surrounded by...In the Indian context most people are without a safe environment to truly explore their identity and performances. These regulations and restrictions are the reason why we decided to work on a project that showcases a personal story of transgression, where we seek to explore our identities and corresponding performances by circumventing societal regulations and restrictions.

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For an Equal Voice

The Pioneer
31 December 2016

“[Samvidhan LIVE - The Jagrik Campaign] is an exciting campaign woven in the form of a game which will bring together 500+ youngsters, 14-25 years of age and take them on a journey spanning 5-6 weeks. Through these weeks, these Jagriks will engage in various activities built around the constitution, divided in pairs, across the country,” said Shruthi Basavaraj, project supervisor, Blending Spectrum at The YP Foundation.

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We don’t want no sex education

12 August 2016

“There has been a general denial of access to information on sexuality and bodies and this is especially acute with regard to younger women and girls,” says Vinita Sahasranaman, director of programmes and advocacy at the YP Foundation, a youth organization set up in 2002 to influence policy on issues of gender and sexuality, art, health and education.

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Six of the best sex education programmes around the world

The Guardian
20 May 2016

 The YP Foundation set up a progressive curriculum to teach young people about gender equality, sexual diversity and consent. The programme runs across India and consists of 14 classes for 12- to 20-year-olds, which include role play, art and games.

“One game we play is to ask people to act like a certain gender – for example, like girls in a playground,” says Manak Matiyani, director of the foundation. “Normally the children act according to stereotype, by walking in a particular way. Then we ask whether girls actually walk like that. We talk about where stereotypes come from and how to prevent them from dictating how we must be.”

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Watch What Happened When YKA Looked At Gender Binaries Through Its Rainbow Lenses

Youth ki Awaaz
2 March 2016

The morning of 27th February...Youth Ki Awaaz and Cake (our gender and sexuality website) hosted a panel discussion on ‘Redefining Gender’. The idea was to talk about gender identities that go beyond the usual accepted binaries and to explore the interaction between gender and sexuality...[o]ur panelists Pramada Menon (Queer, feminist activist and co-founder of CREA), Vikramaditya Sahai (Trans/queer activist and faculty, Ambedkar University) and Shambhavi Saxena (Features writer at Youth Ki Awaaz and Cake), along with the moderator Manak Matiyani (Queer activist and Executive Director of The YP Foundation).

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Why India Needs a Sex Positive Approach

Business Standard
2 February 2016

“There is a need to adopt a “sex positive approach” and go beyond looking at sexuality education as a “means of controlling adolescent fertility because we want to reduce unwanted pregnancies or make sure families are planned better”, says Ishita Choudhry, Ashoka Fellow and Founder of The YP Foundation, a youth-led organization that has worked with adolescents and young people in India in settings, both urban and rural, on many development issues, which include sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

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Indian women hear some crazy things about their periods

USA Today
10 January 2015

Like most girls in her working class Delhi neighborhood, Jyoti Thakur didn't know much about her menstrual cycle, other than that it was a nuisance....It wasn't until she met volunteers from The YP Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Delhi that works with youth and gender issues, that she learned new ways to care for herself — from wrapping up sanitary napkins to knowing that she was just as clean as everyone else in her household at the time.

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In land of Kama Sutra, teaching a billion people about sex

USA Today
29 October 2014

Mohammed, a lanky high schooler, was one of 20 teenage students corralled for a sex education class taught by The YP Foundation, a youth-led organization that works on advocacy and education. Organizations like YP Foundation have stepped in to fill a knowledge gap that they say fuels everything from unwanted pregnancies to violence against women.

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Making a world of difference

Tribune India
21 April 2013

For Gopika Dhawan, joining YP Foundation in New Delhi, in her first year of graduation was a spontaneous choice. She wanted to do something constructive, since after a full day at college, she still had time to make herself "useful". The YP Foundation, was set up by Ishita Choudhary, as a forum for young people working to change the environment they were part of. This they could do by engaging in social development projects, educating street children, undertaking women empowerment workshops in bastis and livelihood training, amongst others.

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The Sprint to the 2015 Development Goals: Reaching the Marginalized with Quality Education and Learning

17 April 2013

Sumaya Saluja of the YP Foundation discussed the critical role that youth can play in tackling challenges in the education system. She described her work to measure school quality and her efforts to change traditional mindsets about girls’ education in India.

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NACO and TYPF in Jammu & Kashmir for HIV Strategies consultation

Early Times
February 7 2012

‘Voices of Young People’ (VYP) who are speaking up on ‘Chapters of Silence’ today organised one-day youth and adolescent-led consultation programme with support from the National AIDS Control Organization by JKSPYM in partnership with J&K State AIDS Prevention and Control Society, youth organisation The YP Foundation, Plan India and the Department of Psychology at the University of Jammu. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Rakesh Khajuria, Project Director, J&K SACS and Professor RD Sharma, Dean, Academic Affairs and Dr. Arti Bakshi, HOD, Psychology, Jammu University.

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Our Body, Our Rights: Empowering Youth through Youth in India

Americans for Informed Choice

Last Friday, I was given the great opportunity to listen to a young woman from India named Ishita Chaudrhy speak about her founding of The YP Foundation (TYPF). Her presentation, which was given at the American Jewish World Service office and sponsored by the International Women’s Health Coalition, was both enlightening and inspiring: TYPF seems to be in conjunction with a lot of AIDemocracy’s mission of empowering students and youth to become more active and have dialogue about global issues.

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The YP Foundation Celebrates its Eighth Birthday

28 July 2010

We were first introduced to TYPF through Ishita Chaudhry, who founded the organization when she was 17. She’s quite the dynamo, and we’ve been thrilled to have her participate in our Advocacy in Practice training, first as a participant and then as a trainer. Ishita has advocated for youth health and rights at many international fora, including delivering remarks for a United States Congressional Briefing on global youth on March 3, 2009

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RTI and the power of youth

Governance Now
1 April, 2010

College students from the capital were in majority in the audience at the discussion on discussion on “From exploring the RTI Act to building a movement- do young people matter?” recently held by The YP Foundation in Delhi, “It is heartening to see the youth using the RTI Act in larger public interest. And the phenomenon is not restricted to the cities. It is happening at the vilage level too,” said Shekhar Singh, member, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI)

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The power of change

DNA India
8 March 2010

Hoeltgen is optimistic about India’s budding youth activism and its potential to effect real change. She notes, “In 10 years, India is going to have the biggest population in the world and also the youngest.” As a case in point, in her book, Hoeltgen writes about 24-year-old social entrepreneur Ishita Chaudhry, founder of The YP Foundation, a trust that facilitates social leadership skills and spreads awareness amongst the youth.

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India: Bridging the information gap on sexuality

Global Voices Online
2 February 2010

This information gap Ishita Chaudhry has been trying to fill since she began The YP Foundation in 2002, when she was just 17. Also known as the YP Foundation, the internally-acclaimed group designs and implements community-based youth projects, providing funds for people between the ages of 13 through 28 years to create projects working within socio-cultural, economic, legal and environmental issues. Some of the projects include voter ID registration drives, peer programs for street children and publishing an youth-oriented magazine.

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HIV prevention among most-at-risk young people: How to get the message across

28 December 2009

Ishita Chaudhry from The YP Foundation in India noted that while sexuality was a fundamental component of being human there was a failure to get basic information to young people to help protect them from HIV infection. “Why is sexuality so problematic?” she asked.

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CNBC – Young Turks Transformers

20 November 2009

Our change agent this week is all of 20 and she started a youth movement when she was just in school way back in 2002. Ishita Chaudhry is the Founder of The YP Foundation, an organization that is empowering the youth of this country to drive change across areas like healthcare, education and employment. She has mentored almost 5,000 young people through this organization and she is hoping to do a lot more. Her effort has been recognized by the Clinton Global Foundation.

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