The Butterfly Project provides a forum where young women from marginalized communities can address issues of identity, human rights, reproductive rights, and discrimination through media. The project aims at equipping communities of young women and girls from low-income backgrounds to use digital media to interact and explore questions of inclusivity, and women’s and youth rights.

Towards this goal, we are working with 65 young women and girls (14-25 years of age) from Dalit and Muslim backgrounds across two states (Rajasthan and NCR) in India to articulate, raise awareness and advocate for equity, gender equality and freedom from violence with decision makers (families, community leaders and key stakeholders), by increasing their access to information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and developing their leadership skills to mobilize and engage 195 peers in advancing the rights of young women and girls in their communities.

Our Impact

  • A training on gender and sexuality, conducted by TYPF for its partner organisations’ staff enhanced their understanding and articulation on how these issues should be addressed while empowering young girls. It also helped them identify the programs with young girls on education, health and community development.
  • 50 young girls were trained in Udaipur and Desuri districts of Rajasthan to equip them with knowledge and vocabulary to articulate daily manifestations of gender inequality in their lives.
  • The trainings have served as a safe space for these young girls to discuss taboo issues and ask questions related to their bodies, sex and reproduction. The trainings also familiarized the girls with the creative use of digital photography and media to document their life-experiences.