Jul 2010 20

I’ve just come back from an evening of having met up with 10 YP Alumni, who worked with us anywhere between 3-5 years ago. We caught up over the little details, the happy memories, the recurring arguments, absorbed how we had grown, changed, made a difference in our own ways, each of us having found (or in the process of trying to find) our place in the world. For me, this moment is more than about affirmation. It is recognition of the work that these young people have built in The YP Foundation since its founding in 2002 and the transitions they have overseen. It is almost with a huge sense of pride that I watch many of them work in development spaces today – some are lawyers, others are studying and a few are transitioning from non-profit work to working with the government at a state level.

Earlier this evening, one of the groups struck up a conversation about how the YP has given us the space to make realizations that we often take for granted today about the lack of power, rights and privilege faced by young people and what we can each do, in order to change that. Many of them notice the changes it has made in their approach to their work, their sensibilities, their decisions, and experienced shock when they graduated and actually saw how excluded young people are from development and policy spaces in India. They realized how much needs to be done to ensure that all young people’s human rights can be recognized. We rested on the agreement that there are far too many gaps between young people who work at the field level, with communities and at larger international policy tables, or those who live in the glasshouse comfort of their homes.

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Jul 2010 20

Why me? Is a 5 line document that we were asked to write about our time in the project and why I worked here.

I wrote :

“Because I can. Because I want to be a child again. Because I want to learn how to work with 125 children and understand their quirks, their spectrum of emotions and their thirst for knowledge. Because I want to help them.

Because I want them to help me. Because I am an artist a sportsman or just a person who wants to impart their skills to children. Because I want to have fun! And just play with them. To understand how individuals from different backgrounds are beautiful and interesting and driven, kind and selfless yet naughty and angry and fun. To understand them and let them understand us.

Why me? Because every you can make a million me’s and all of us together want to make a difference.”

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The KYBKYR Capacity Building Workshop
Jul 2010 25

Positive Approaches to implementing Comprehensive Sexuality Education with young people

Capacity Building Workshop, 6th to 8th September 2010, New Delhi

Organized by The YP Foundation and The International Planned Parenthood Federation- South Asia Regional Youth Network (IPPF SARYN), supported by The Girls Decide Campaign.

About The Workshop

An approach to addressing sexuality that considers an abstinence-only or non-comprehensive approach to providing information to empower young people to address their health and rights is in an approach that no longer works to address the growing misconceptions on sexuality and health amongst young people, restricting access to youth friendly, confidential and safe health services. Based on this premise; the workshop aims to address the following issues:

– The workshop aims at providing young people with an overview of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS), to empower young people working with initiatives that focus on young people’s health and rights to access the skills, information and tools available.

– Advancing young people’s right to access comprehensive services and information regarding their sexuality, health and rights, particularly addressing that their sexual rights are human rights.

– Realizing and investing in Human Rights as supporting choice, respect diversity, equality and justice that are often compromised on, and not seen as a part of young people’s right to health.

The workshop comprises of interactive sessions that will be conducted by peer educators from the organization as well as external professionals and partner organizations working in the fields of Gender, Sexuality, Health and Rights, with a particular emphasis on work with access to information and services, research and advocacy.

Applications are due by 20th August 2010

Participants – All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 years at the time of submitting their application. All applicants must have prior experience of working with YFHS or CSE for young people, either as full time or part time work or volunteer experience. Please note that this is a mandatory requirement for participation. As per mandate, 17 seats are reserved for women and girls.

Please download the application form and the concept note for more details. Final applications are to be submitted to divya@theypfoundation.org

Download Concept Note (PDF)

Download Application (Doc)