The KYBKYR Capacity Building Workshop
Jul 2010 25

Positive Approaches to implementing Comprehensive Sexuality Education with young people

Capacity Building Workshop, 6th to 8th September 2010, New Delhi

Organized by The YP Foundation and The International Planned Parenthood Federation- South Asia Regional Youth Network (IPPF SARYN), supported by The Girls Decide Campaign.

About The Workshop

An approach to addressing sexuality that considers an abstinence-only or non-comprehensive approach to providing information to empower young people to address their health and rights is in an approach that no longer works to address the growing misconceptions on sexuality and health amongst young people, restricting access to youth friendly, confidential and safe health services. Based on this premise; the workshop aims to address the following issues:

– The workshop aims at providing young people with an overview of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS), to empower young people working with initiatives that focus on young people’s health and rights to access the skills, information and tools available.

– Advancing young people’s right to access comprehensive services and information regarding their sexuality, health and rights, particularly addressing that their sexual rights are human rights.

– Realizing and investing in Human Rights as supporting choice, respect diversity, equality and justice that are often compromised on, and not seen as a part of young people’s right to health.

The workshop comprises of interactive sessions that will be conducted by peer educators from the organization as well as external professionals and partner organizations working in the fields of Gender, Sexuality, Health and Rights, with a particular emphasis on work with access to information and services, research and advocacy.

Applications are due by 20th August 2010

Participants – All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 years at the time of submitting their application. All applicants must have prior experience of working with YFHS or CSE for young people, either as full time or part time work or volunteer experience. Please note that this is a mandatory requirement for participation. As per mandate, 17 seats are reserved for women and girls.

Please download the application form and the concept note for more details. Final applications are to be submitted to

Download Concept Note (PDF)

Download Application (Doc)

The Open House Series
Jan 2011 11

The Open House Series is an interactive, multi year workshop series for interested, upcoming and established young artistes that explore information, ideas and models that protect promote and publish Independent Music in India.

The Open House Series encourages an exchange of resources between existing artistic talent and a newer generation of artists of different age groups, experience levels and musical styles. The programme aims to provide young people, specifically artists and students working with/interested in the field of independent music with training and skill development opportunities. The series begins in January 2011 and will culminate in July 2011.The programme will undergo a 2-month evaluation post this,and begin its second programmatic cycle in mid 2011 – 2012.


There are multiple challenges faced by young people as well as amateur artists with trying to establish and build sustainable careers in Independent Music in India.

Many amateur artists often don’t have adequate knowledge to help them create a career and sustain themselves and are unable to afford, access, or are unaware of international or existing local resources that could train them to do so.

There is a lack of shared knowledge amongst younger artists on issues such as promoting and developing their work in music, accessing and developing large scale or new audiences, exploring non performance career options in music and there is limited existing knowledge on the legal aspects of working with the arts, particularly intellectual property rights.

Educational institutions (schools/colleges etc) are unable to provide students with the resources/training required to support a career in the field of music in India.

There is a lack of cost effective training forums, for young people desiring to pursue arts management. Existing performance spaces in the NCR are limited to venues such as pubs and bars, which limits a younger audience’s access to music.

Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh Pradhan, Vishal Dadlani (Pentagram), Uday Benegal (Indus Creed), Anup Kutty (Menwhopause), Mandar Thakur (Times Music), Prithwish Dev, Clarence Gonsalves, Gucci Singh, Surojit Dev (Them Clones), Gaurav Vaz (The Raghu Dixit Project), Anindo Bose (Advaita), Jishnu Das Gupta (Swarathma), Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection), Neysa Mendes, Vijay Nair, Bobby Talwar (Only Much Louder), Arjun S Ravi (Indiecision), Vijay Kate, Shiv Ahuja, Abhish Mathew (HIT 95 FM),

Programme Partners:
Furtados, Hard Rock Cafe,Radio One, Underscore Records, Max Mueller Bhavan,The India Habitat Centre, Bluebells School International, Bridge Music Academy, Only Much Louder,, The

Venue Partners:
Max Mueller Bhavan, India Habitat Center

Media Partners:
Radio One, MTV Noise, NH7, Indiecision,

Registrations are on a first come first serve basis. Register now for workshops on music promotion, production, marketing, Protection and Education.

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