And the day gets closer …
Dec 2009 07

Besides the insanity that’s taken over (someone should really put up some of the e-mails circulating within staff, the not-so-inappropriate ones), and the fact that the concert is 3 minutes before the exams start, YAY! And we finally have a website to publicize it on! Hee hee .. 🙂

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Vikalp in Bhopal / Umesh Kumar Sanodiya
Apr 2010 08

‘Young people are the key in the fight against AIDS. By giving them the support they need, we can empower them to protect themselves against the virus. By giving them honest and straightforward information, we can break the circle of silence across all society. Many young people do not go to school, so they need to be reached through community programmes.’

– Umesh Kumar Sanodiya

Vikalp: Searching for Alternatives, A Youth Forum on Social Change was conceptualized by UNESCO and The YP Foundation in 2009 as a practical dialogue space where young activists working on different issues could come together to reflect on best practices, work through challenges, share resources and develop inclusive strategies for promoting youth leadership and movements across India.

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