May 2010 18

Who am I?

“The YP Foundation is a collective of 8 years of histories of young people who have lived and worked in Delhi and have engaged with different aspects of the city at different points and times. Seldom does one find an institution to work in, where the development of the people in the organization is paramount to the work it does.

– Pallavi Kaushal, 23 years old, Staff Member, The YP Foundation

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Work with us!
Oct 2012 18

We are currently in the process of hiring staff at The YP Foundation, for programme and management positions. We are looking for both, young people interested in full time careers with us, as well as experienced professionals and practitioners who have focused interest in overseeing, implementing and evaluating youth led work. There are also part time positions open for young people, who are students or who have alternative commitments.

We’d be extremely grateful if you could forward this to your networks and partners, as well as share this with committed, passionate people who are interested in developing youth led work. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so, and apologies for cross posting, should that happen. We really appreciate your support.

Go to The YP Foundation Jobs Page for more details.

Warm Regards,
The YP Foundation.