Founded in 2002, the RTI programme was running in Sunder Nagar Nursery, an unauthorised colony in Central Delhi, and in rural areas in Sonepat, Haryana. The RTI programme works to develop young people's, especially young women's leadership skills and engagement with legislative processes and the application of laws and legal processes in daily life. A large part of the RTI programme is an emphasis on the right to vote, as well as its importance in a democracy. The RTI programme believes that voting is one of the powerful ways of demanding good governance, and that young people and women need to be made aware of the importance of their vote and how it can be used to make a difference. Additionally, the programme trains young women on the RTI Act and its application as a tool of advocacy for women's rights; raising awareness about the Right to Education (RtE), and the need for formal identification for all citizens.

Since 2002, the RTI Programme has worked with 1343 young people as volunteers, peer educators and staff members, and has reached out to 6600 young people.

Our Impact

  • 10 young women community leaders from SNN between ages 15-20 were trained on the issues of governance, fundamental rights, formal identification processes, and development of leadership skills in 2015. 
  • A District level dialogue, attended by the Supervisor of the BLOs from the Electoral Registration Office of South Delhi was organised in SNN where community leaders shared their problems with government stakeholders.
  • 5-day awareness campaign was conducted in SNN on health, education, and livelihood related Government schemes which reached out to 1000 community members from 500 households through door-to-door campaigns, pamphlet distributions and discussions.
  • A campaign titled 'Your Vote Will Matter' was conducted in SNN on the functioning of the Electoral Voting Machine, importance of casting votes and voter rights, as well as on candidates and their manifestos in their constituency.
  • The youth leaders registered a total of 91 community members for Birth, Caste and Income Certificates and voter IDs in 2015.