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Pyaar, Etc is sub-campaign within KYBKYR 2.0. Through Pyaar Etc, we call young people to unpack the issues around relationships, love, sexuality and sex that exist, but are silenced by stigma, societal disapproval, and our own feelings of shame and shyness. Through encouraging conversation around these issues, Pyaar Etc creates a strong case for access to information on sexual and reproductive health, as well as our rights and entitlements related to our bodies and sexual health.  

Pyaar Etc events:

  1. Pyaar Etc was rolled out on Facebook and Instagram as a social media event that sought to provide a fun, safe, and inclusive space to discuss issues and questions around sex. It was envisioned as a result of a workshop that the TYPF Team conducted on Comprehensive Sexuality Education with 13-14 year old students in a public school in New Delhi. Through the workshop, the students discussed their primary sources of information on sex and sexuality, where they first heard about it, and the fears or curiosities they had always wanted to ask about but did not know where to turn. The explosion of questions that arose led to thinking about the lack of easy access to evidence-based, body- and sex-positive information to young people, as well as the lack of a vocabulary to discuss questions that we may have. See more information on the campaign on Facebook, and check out the main questions below!