In the picture: Prerna Goel, Chand Mohammad, Ameer Hamza, Sameer Khan and Aditya Gosain. Photo: TYPF, at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys, Delhi.

“I have always been enthralled at the thought of gaining knowledge. Knowledge cannot be measured quantitatively. It is something that has to be cherished, treasured and absorbed in our minds forever. Its a lifelong process, and The YP Foundation gave me the opportunity to understand more about its value through the art of film-making.”

- Ameer Hamza, 12 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


“I loved every little thing that the programme included, from fun-filled games to the concept based photography lessons. What I loved the most was the fact that I could see ‘didi’ and ‘bhaiyya’ taking so much interest in the programme.”

- Sameer Khan, 12 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


“I got the opportunity of learning skills related to film-making by working with The YP Foundation. I feel that I have got a hint of working in the field of film-making. With the acquiring of these skills, I can think of entering the field of film-making.”

- Chand Mohammad, 12 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys

About the Digital Story:

Chand Mohammad, Ameer Hamza, and Sameer Khan are part of the team at the Dil Se Superstars Programme hosted by The YP Foundation at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys. They worked with Prerna Goel and Aditya Gosain who were the Peer-educators for their group. Together, they have produced the Digital Story – ‘Ujwal Bhavishye Ki Umeed’.

Ameer narrates his story with two of his friends Chand Mohammad and Sameer Khan.

Not all of us are Martin Luther King. But we sure do dream. We’ve often been told that they don’t come true. But then again, we’ve also been told that you need to have a dream first in order to work towards fulfilling them.

Ameer Hamza, son of a housemaid, always found himself fascinated with the idea of ‘studying’ due to the sheer respect that was given to the ones who had knowledge. On seeing others study, he started realizing his aspiration of becoming a successful doctor. He suffered, he dreamt, he worked hard towards it, he got deviated, and was soon brought back on the track.

About Ameer Hamza, Sameer Khan, and Chand Mohammad:

Ameer Hamza, 12 years

In the picture: Ameer Hamza, Sameer Khan, Aditya Gosain, Chand Mohammad and Ismail Khan. Photo: TYPF, at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys, Delhi

Ameer could be called the quiet, reserved one. You’ll find Ameer exhibiting astounding patience while working. He would devote his complete attention to what is being taught during the sessions and also help the volunteer in making his teammates focus.

Sameer Khan, 12 years

Sameer, in contrast to the nature of Ameer, is perpetually energetic and dynamic. It’ll be you who’ll be required to display similar tolerance levels while working with Sameer.

Chand Mohammad, 12 years

And Chand, let’s just say, mediates between the two of them. With his own creativity, intellect and awareness of things, he comes across as someone having just the right amount of enthusiasm and disciplined self-control.

                                                                                                            About the Volunteers:

In the picture: Ismail Khan and Ameer Hamza. Photo: TYPF, at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys, Delhi

Prerna Goel, Peer-educator

A college student, whom we shall find jovially talkative. With an effervescent spirit and a potential to make people laugh, she would give her best to get the job done. Sometimes she gets a bit stubborn, but you can surely expect her stubbornness blooming into productivity. Her jovial nature helped her and even the other volunteers greatly in connecting with the children.

Aditya Gosain, Peer-educator

In the beginning, his solemn demeanor made people speculate whether he would be able to connect with the children or not. But soon as time went by, he managed to bond really well with the children in his group as well as with the other kids at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys. You would find small kids screaming in excitement and hanging by his large biceps, his neck, his head or whatever part of him they could manage to get a hold of.



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