Ismail Khan and Vijay Kumar are part of the bright team at the Dil Se Superstars Programme hosted by The YP Foundation at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys. They worked with Aastha Mathur who was the Peer-educator for their group. Together, they have produced the Digital Story – ‘Meri Kahani, Meri Zubani’.



“People come to talk to me and I get filled with fear. The sound of my own voice that is trying hard to spurt from my mouth reluctantly remains inside and echoes in my own head. This happened for long until I got inducted for the adobe youth voices programme by The YP Foundation. It included interactive sessions which made me converse with the volunteers.”

Vijay, 15 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


“I learnt how to let go of this fear of speaking with new people. With time I got the required confidence. Conversations with the volunteers and my peers on various topics gave me the confidence. Now I know that with some more exposure to confidence and skills building activities, I can easily overcome this inhibition.”

-  Ismail Khan, 12 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


Behind the Scenes:

Ismail Khan, Photo: TYPF

Ismail and Vijay, after long discussions, mind mappings and tree metaphors, wanted to make their digital story about how The YP Foundation’s staff members- Ipsita, Rachit and Disha along with Anuradha aunty and volunteers came to Ummeed Home for Boys and introduced the project to them. They wanted to tell everyone that they really enjoyed our visits and all the activities we played with them (especially the fire ball exercise).

Vijay Kumar, Photo: TYPF

Both of them believe that this skill will help them later on in life if they want to take film making or photography as a profession or if they wish to impart the knowledge they gained to others.

They really enjoyed clicking photographs and making the videos on their own. They were delighted to individually handle all kinds of cameras (DSLR, handy cams and digital cameras).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                About Group Red:

The peer-educators and the children had divided themselves into groups named after colours. Vijay, Ismail and Aastha beloned to the group red.

Vijay Kumar, Aastha Mathur and Ismail Khan, Photo: TYPF


Vijay, who is the elder of the two, is mature and level headed as a person. He’s very keen on learning the craft even though he is shy and introvert. He has some really brilliant ideas and a unique perspective for clicking pictures. His positive take on life and effervescent smile are two things that make him stand apart from the rest. He came to Delhi to see what a big city looks like. He is very focused and determined to become a computer engineer when he grows up. He really wants to help others like him when he is able to earn well. He enjoys playing football and cricket and sings really well (though one will have to prod him to sing in front of large crowds).

Ismail is super naughty. He sort of likes to boss around the younger kids at Ummeed Aman Ghar and usually gets away with it as well. He has a short attention span but once you find ways to get through to him he understands the concepts really well. His pictures are very interesting, the use of light and textures and highlighting the subject is his forte. He is always very eager to handle the camera on his own. He enjoys playing outdoor games and keeps running to watch T.V most of the times.

- By Aastha Mathur

Aastha Mathur, currently pursuing Masters at the University of Delhi, has a distinct charisma which made the most diffident of children like Vijay work with us. She would diligently sit with Vijay and Ismail, to ensure they articulate themselves, constantly motivating them to make them feel comfortable. The quality of persistence in her made Vijay and Ismail very strong in their Storyboarding lessons. They grasped the idea of breaking down their story into various components and pictures, which helped them in building a strong foundation for the Digital Story.

- By Akshay Lokapally, The Butterfly Project




Ismail Khan, Photo: TYPF

Vijay Kumar, Photo: TYPF

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