Mohammad Ramzan, Akshay Kumar and Sukhbir Aman are part of the team at the ‘Dil Se Superstars’ Programme hosted by The YP Foundation at Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys. They worked with Manasvita Lakhotia who was the Peer-educator for their group. Together, they have produced the Digital Story – ‘Aashayein’.


“Working with the The YP Foundation staff for the Adobe Youth Voices programme has been a fulfilling experience for me. It has enabled all of us to get acquainted with the practical exposure which is essential to understand photography and video-making.”

- Akshay Kumar, 10 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


“I have been involved with staff and volunteers of various organisations who come to work with us through different programs, but working with TYPF was enriching and special because it was a comprehensive program which included life skills as well as technical skills. During our annual day, I was given the job of taking photographs for the event. Praise from people belonging to different professions gave me significant recognition. This shall prove beneficial for us to acquire vocational opportunities in the future.

 - Mohammad Ramzan, 18 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys


“I got the chance to meet notable artists from various sectors during workshops who tend to teach you a lot in merely a few words.”

 - Sukhbir Aman, 10 years, Ummeed Aman Ghar for Boys

                                                                                                        Central Idea behind the Story:

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” - Thomas Jefferson

Ramzan, Photo: TYPF

Ramzaan, an 18-yr old boy doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson is, but he does live by his words. Before coming to Ummeed Home For Boys, Ramzaan spent the days on the streets, but leaving his past behind; he talks about his dream of becoming a computer engineer and of helping other children like him.

The film shows us life from his viewpoint – what he thinks can make him achieve his dreams and what success means to him. We also get a glimpse of the Ummeed home and the other children there  – playing, laughing, studying and living their daily lives.

It’s a story about a boy who wants to change his past by helping others through sheer determination and hard work.

                                                                              About the Group:


Sukhbir, Ramzan and Akshay. Photo: TYPF

                                                                                        Ramzan, an 18-year-old boy with very idealistic views, narrates the story.  He is currently preparing for his boards and wants to become a computer engineer. He loves playing with kids, singing and dancing. You will occasionally find him playing volleyball with the other kids at Ummeed.

Sukhbir is a quiet 10 year old. He always has a smile to greet you with and loves working with the camera. He is extremely shy and takes time to open up. He loves playing volleyball too along with his close friend Akshay.

Akshay, who is also10 year old, is very enthusiastic and quick at grasping information. He loves working with the camera and is a natural at photography. Like any 10-year old, he loves rushing about and plays any and every sport! It’s hard to recognize him without his trademark cap and mischievous grin!

- By Manasvita Lakhotia

Manasvita has a tendency to get irritated at times. But this irritation makes her question certain ways of how the group is working towards making the digital story. This way, she would re-assess the work with her respective group and bring more vibrancy in the story. Manasvita, already pursuing photography as a pastime, ensured that her team devotes enough time for taking quality pictures. This helped the boys in getting a lot of practical exposure and also aroused in them an interest for photography. Now Ramzan is passionate about photography and has already attended a number of workshops on it.

- By Akshay Lokapally, The Butterfly Project



Manasvita Lakhotia with the younger boys, Photo: TYPF

Akshay Kumar, Photo: TYPF

Ramzan and Manasvita with Group Red, Photo: TYPF
                                                                                                                                        ‘Dil Se Superstars’ is supported by Global Fund for ChildrenAdobe Youth Voices and Centre for Equity Studies.
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