‘Dil Se Superstars’ is an initiative by The Butterfly Project, the film and literature branch of The YP Foundation.

In 2010-2011, we worked with 20 children and 10 volunteers with 5 staff members with the help from Adobe youth voices and Global fund for children to produce 8 Digital Stories which focused on pre production and production skills.

The programme included the volunteers assisting the children in voicing their dreams, their aspirations, their lives and their stories through the medium of digital stories.

The program aims were to increase awareness and strengthen their technical skills & life skills and to enable them in using media as a tool to access TYPF’s outreach.

What are Technical Skills?

Photography - Through constant exposure to the functions of a handy cam and DSLR camera and practical implementation of the same, the volunteers and the children learn photography collectively.

Video-making – It is training given on documentation which helps in conveying the message of the digital stories.

Firstly, training was given to volunteers on the functions of a DSLR and a handycam. These volunteers in turn designed lesson plans for each session. Activities included understanding the meaning of photographs and videos, storyboarding where the children have to create a story from pictures, etc. Every volunteer attended to a group of 2-3 children and thus, through a participatory process, the programme produced 8 Digital Stories.

Vijay learning the basics of a DSLR

Why technical skills ?

Technical skills are story boarding, story telling, camera handling, photography , video making and editing. We train children on using photography and video as a tool to talk about their lives, their issues and themselves.

What are Life Skills?

Critical thinking – through activities centered around the enhancement of creativity, it helps in developing the individual thinking of a person.

Communication – activities which emphasize on team building, speaking and listening skills which helps in communicating better.

Decision making – training given on technical and life skills creates a mindset which helps in overcoming the innate inhibitions and in becoming more decisive.

   Why Life skills?

Life Skills are psycho-social abilities that enable a child to effectively deal and negotiate the challenges of daily life. Life skills include critical thinking and decision making skills, communication and interpersonal skills, self management and coping skills and leadership skills.
Activities centered around photography & video-making which train children on critical thinking, form the nexus between technical and life skills.
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