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“The most incredible aspect for me is that you get the resources and confidence to not only learn film making but also understand how film can act as an advocate and educator. The project provides you with opportunities to empower yourself and others around you to highlight ground realities by using films as a tool to advocate for young people’s human rights.  Every effort pays off if you can empower people with the medium to advocate for their rights and highlight personal experiences and joy.”

- Rachit Sai Barak, 19 years, Coordinator


The Butterfly Project is a film and literature programme founded in 2006 that works to promote human rights by enabling technical training and platforms for young people to work in communities with their peers. The project features:

  • The Bridge, an independent magazine series run by young people, featuring the voices of young people from across the globe working with Human Rights issues that they are personally committed to. The Bridge is edited, designed, produced and funded by young people. 6 editions have been released since 2004.
  • The Film Series, an annual film festival that encourages amateur and professional filmmakers to share short films on social issues. Last year, over 500 people attended the film festival over 2 days where 12 movies were screened from all over the country.
  • Digital Storytelling: With support from the Global Fund for Children, Adobe Youth Voices and the Center for Digital Media and Storytelling, The Butterfly Project trains young people to create and share their own digital media stories.

In 2010-2011, the project expands its Digital Storytelling programme to provide a forum where young people and urban street children can address issues of identity, human rights, child rights and discrimination through film. The project aims at encouraging different communities of adolescents and young people to interact and explore questions of inclusivity, child rights and access to public spaces. The project addresses young people’s desire to challenge stereotypes and assumptions, addressing human rights with the hope of building an environment that is tolerant and respectful of diversity.

Donors & Partners

The Nishit Saran Foundation, PSBT, Tehelka, Kriti Film Club, India Habitat Center and Center for Digital Media and Storytelling have supported The Butterfly Project in the past. In 2010, the Global Fund for Children and Adobe Youth Voices support the programme.

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