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“I began working because I felt it was important for people to recognize the need to support artists and protect and promote their rights. Two years down the line, the program has strengthened my leadership, managerial and technical skills, as well as given me the opportunity to work directly with artists and young professionals from across the country.”

- Angarika Guha, 20 years, Coordinator

“The independent music community in India requires 3 very important aspects of it to develop in order for it to acquire the status of an Industry, namely – education, promotion & exhibition. Currently, there are innumerable people/organizations focusing on developing the promotion and exhibition parts of the independent music industry, Silhouette however is focusing on both education and discussion and in my opinion is the front-runner in that area. Programmes like The Open House Series will be instrumental in shaping the growth of the music community into a vibrant music industry.”

- Girish Talwar, Director, Only Much Louder


Silhouette was established in 2005 with the aim of supporting young people’s work in the performing and visual arts. By connecting amateur, upcoming and establish artists through collaborative projects across India, Silhouette aims at providing young people an independent arts platform where they can express their creativity, vision and talent and interact with new audiences. Silhouette aims at enabling a dynamic environment that supports artistic endeavours and challenges existing moulds to expand the outreach of the arts.

Silhouette develops and promotes three programme portfolios, working through the trio spaces of dialogue ‘The Open House Series’, performance ‘Impromptu’ and Arts Management. Programmes are offered at no expense to young people and provide a critical opportunity for youth from diverse parts of the country to access information, technical skills and platforms to develop and hone their craft. In 2010 – 2011, Silhouette’s focus is primarily on promoting knowledge and building capacity amongst young artists to promote, protect and produce Independent Music.

The Open House Series in 2010-2011

The Open House Series (TOHS) is an interactive, multi year workshop series for interested, upcoming and established young artistes that explore information, ideas and models that protect promote and publish Independent Music in India. The Open House Series brings together professional musicians, amateur artists, music enthusiasts, students, media representatives and members of the community to disseminate existing knowledge, create new avenues of collaboration and build capacity on opportunities for upcoming artists in independent music.

The Open House Series in 2010 – 2011 will be a 5-month series, bringing together over 600 young people, consisting of 20 capacity building workshops and public forums. The series will culminate in 2011 with The Open House Festival, a 3-day music festival, showcasing new music and collaborative performances from artists across the country.

Research and information from the series will be made available online. The series encourages an exchange of resources between existing artist networks and an upcoming generation of artists across different age groups, experience levels and musical styles. The programme will undergo a 2-month evaluation in 2011, and begin its second programmatic cycle in 2011 – 2012. You can read more about the schedule and documentation from TOHS here.

The Open House Festival

The 3-Day Music Festival will be the culmination of the five-month series comprising of clinics and forums with a music festival featuring young artists from across the country. As part of this festival, the selected artists will get a chance to:

  • Be part of interactive workshops with industry professionals from across the country.
  • Share performance space with musicians from across genres through musical collaborations.
  • Have their music featured on a compilation album, which will be released at the festival.
  • Develop, display and sell their merchandise.

Partners & Donors

Rosmerta Technology, DLF, Reliance, Power Grid Corporation, British Council Soundpad, Videocon, American Center and the India Habitat Center have funded Silhouette in the past. Underscore Records, Bridge Music Academy, Only Much Louder, Hard Rock Cafe and The India Habitat Centre are currently supporting the project. Artist support includes Them Clones, The Raghu Dixit Project, Swarathma, Vishal Dadlani, Uday Benegal and Shubha Mudgal.

To read more about the programme click on the following
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    PLZ help me with “how to apply in silhouette….???”

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sarthak, there are applications open – just visit http://www.theypfoundation.org/jobs – and download the form and submit it :)

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