In collaboration with PHFI under their programme, PRIDE, TYPF has launched a new initiative on mental health in 2017. TYPF's initiative, 'Paagal Hai Kya?'/'You Mad or What?' will be a curriculum-driven intervention that will work with young people and adolescents in in-school and out-of-school contexts. The curriculum is a product of the TYPF Fellowship programme and was created by Suvrita Bhatia, and looks to raise awareness about the intersections between gender, sexuality, and mental health, as well as to de-stigmatise mental health problems. Paagal Hai Kya aims to work with at least 100 young people across two states in India, including Delhi. 


  • Four Paagal Hai Kya? workshops have been held in different locations in New Delhi, both in- and out- of school contexts. The workshops have been carried out with young people from diverse backgrounds and different age groups, including 13-14 years, 14-18, and 17-25 years. Each workshop had a different focus point, dependent on the age group and needs of the participants. The curriculum of the programme has benefited immensely from these experiences and has since undergone further development and refining!
  • Paagal Hai Kya was piloted in an English-medium school in New Delhi between January-March 2017, where it worked with people between the ages of 13-14 years. The curriculum covered a wide range of issues including peer pressure, bullying, and everyday problems that affect our mental well being.