TYPF Residential Training, October 2016

TYPF Residential Training, October 2016

TYPF Fellows, 2015-16



Jeet is a postgraduate in Political Science from DU. He joined TYPF in December 2014 and during his tenure he worked as a Peer Educator, Senior Management Team Head, Fellow and Senior Fellow. In the KYBKYR programme, he worked with more than 300 young people in 2 years. As a Fellow, his work addressed violence against gay men, called “Lets Not Talk About It”. Jeet is also a freelance writer and often writes about sexuality, gender, spaces and his travel experiences. Jeet transitioned out of TYPF in late 2016. 



Megha studies Applied Psychology at DU. She joined KYBKYR as a peer educator in 2014, and then went on to become an intern and a Fellow. With TYPF Megha has worked in various locations, including schools and institutional care homes, primarily with adolescent girls. She has also overseen campaigns on Abortion Rights and LGBTQ+ issues. As an intern, she was part of the Partnerships team, and as a Fellow she handles M&E for the new batch of peer educators. Megha credits TYPF with helping her challenge her own preconceived notions, developing informed opinions, giving her a safe space to talk about 'taboo' topics. 


Shirin Choudhary is a student of English Literature at St. Stephen's College. She was part of the KYBKYR programme for 2 years from 2014-16. She started as a peer educator, moved on to become part of the Senior Management Team of the programme, and also co-created the Gender Pages 'Zine as part of her Fellowship with Vanika Sharma. The Project is about the intersection and expression of gender, poetry and art. Shirin is interested in understanding gender fluidity through people's creative work. Shirin transition out of TYPF in October 2016.


Shivani is pursuing a Bachelors in Commerce from Hansraj College, DU. She has been part of the KYBKYR programme since December 2014. Working as a Peer Educator, she found herself in various locations in Delohi, including unauthorised colonies in Vasant Kunj, Old Delhi, Azadpur Mandi, and near the Yamuna. As a Fellow she worked with Jeet on “Lets Not Talk About It”, a blog detailing narratives of violence against gay men.



Suvrita is a student of psychology at IP College, DU. She has been associated with TYPF for the past two years as a volunteer, intern and as a Fellow. In KYBKYR, she has worked with young people from diverse backgrounds in Delhi and NCR. During her Fellowship, she created a curriculum around mental health and wellbeing. She has also been working with Vanika on a photo project called "Redesigned, Renovated and Refurbished" which discusses gender trangression, and regulation of bodies. 



Vanika is a student of Economics at DU. She has been working with TYPF since 2014 as a Peer Educator and then as a Fellow. During her Fellowship, Vanika worked with Shirin to created an online 'zine called the Gender Pages Project, which revolves around gender, art, poetry and activism. Most importantly, however, TYPF taught her how to be okay with the fact that she's still figuring out who she is, and provided her a space to do so. 

our Youth Advocates for 2016-2017!

  • Anjali
  • Anshika
  • Anushka
  • Avali
  • Bahaar
  • Jogya 
  • Kamna 
  • Ritika
  • Saloni 
  • Simran
  • Sharin 
  • Shraiya
  • Shriya 
  • Soumya 
  • Surabhi 
  • Tuisha 
  • Utpal 
  • Vaidehi
  • Vanika 

An updated list of peer educators from 2002-2015 will be up soon!