The foundations of The YP Foundation were laid with the realization that young people across all cross- sections of society have a strong, but undermined capacity to engage with issues that matter to them.

The Youth Parliament was founded in 2002 by Ishita Chaudhry when she was 15 years old.  It began as a meeting space for young people to discuss ideas and learn about issues that they were passionate about in a safe, open and non-judgmental space. This group decided on the issues that they wanted to focus on, conducted their own research, met with relevant stakeholders and in turn trained the first cohort of 20 young volunteers to think critically about social justice issues. This led to the creation of projects around these issues which were then implemented in different communities in Delhi. 

Over time, The Youth Parliament evolved into The YP Foundation, and developed into a larger organisation working across a wider geography with more well-defined priority areas, increasingly focusing on subjects that were perceived to be the most critical for young people. TYPF expanded to other states, rural areas and more diverse groups of young people including those from marginalized and low income backgrounds. TYPF’s history thus laid the foundation for the issues that we now work on, as well as the methodologies that we use.

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A comprehensive history of the organisation, the origins, evolution and impact of our programmes, and the early programmes in TYPF can be found here:

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