Who are we?

‘We’, are an eclectic and passionate group of young people who collectively run TYPF, a youth led and run organization that supports and enables young people to create programmes and influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, the arts & governance. The organization promotes, protects and advances young people’s human rights by building leadership, and strengthening youth led initiatives and movements. Founded in 2002, we have worked over the last 15 years directly with 5,000 young people to set up over 200 projects in India, reaching out to 300,000 young people.

What does it mean to be ‘youth led and run’?

It means that young people design, execute, lead and implement all the processes and systems that involve their peers in creating social change and addressing issues of Human Rights. Our staff is a team of 8 young people (between 20 – 40) who work full time, with an active volunteer base of over 200 young people each year.

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TYPF accepts interns on a rolling basis through the year. Internships run for a minimum of 3 months, both part-time and full-time. Send us an absolutely fabulous cover note along with your CV to Full time internships can be both paid and unpaid, based on what we need you for and if we have the budget available!