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Understanding Trans&Queer Issues in Women's Movements - An Interview with Chayanika Shah

"Women’s movements have their blind spots, like all of us do, but there has continuously been pressure from within and outside to keep moving in our understanding. It doesn’t come easy to everybody but at the same time I think that if I look around and see other movements, I find that the women’s movements in the articulation of morality has shifted quite a bit..."

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Unravelling the Tawaifs - An Interview with Saba Dewan

"The fact is that the tawaifs as a group have always existed on the margins of patriarchy. ... Though they were not considered quite respectable because of the stigma attached to women being ‘outside’, they were not pariahs either. ... It was a very interesting, fascinating state. But with the coming of colonialism, that delicate balance really shifted. In the pre-1857 period, the Evangelists were very active with this very repressive Victorian morality. Where did the tawaifs fit in? Their presence was appalling because they don’t quite conform to the notion of Victorian morality."

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The Surrogacy Bill: What it Says and What It Doesn't

In 2002, commercial surrogacy was legalized in India. Over the next decade, the industry grew tremendously, estimated to be a $2 billion a year business. However, a number of incidents between 2002 and 2015 highlight the absolute disregard for the rights of the surrogate mother and child, the lack of comprehensive laws related to surrogacy, and the exploitation of loopholes within the already existent ones.

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