Is Abortion a Human Right?

Souvik Pyne
This article was first published on The ASAP Blog

OBVIOUSLY it is… Does anyone still have any doubts?

It is very important to understand the hypocrisy of the so called ‘pro-life’ ideology where the quality of life of a living human being (read the mother) is sidelined for the yet- to- be- a- human- someday-maybe. There is also no concern of that ‘yet to be’ human’s quality of life if born in an unwanted social space.

Well, if the foetus is a human, why doesn’t the census count them???

Respecting the human rights of the woman should be prioritized. After all it is her body, her right’. Who are we to stand on judgement about somebody’s right to make a choice about her own bodily integrity ?

As George Carlin says in this video; “All ejaculations need not be named”

Since it is only women who suffer when safe abortions are denied, it is form of gender discrimination and should be fought against. Has any father died during a delivery ? Or had bleeding, pain, trauma, depression ? As long as it is only women suffer during a pregnancy and labour, and who risk their health and life to continue a pregnancy, it should be only their decision to make about continuing it or not.

We celebrate Human Rights Day on 11th Dec, but really, every day is Human Rights’ Day and I pledge to uphold a very debated though very important human right-“The Right to Safe Abortion”.

Souvik Pyne is the Coordinator - Advocacy at The YP Foundation.