In 2016, TYPF launched a new initiative in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, which works specifically with young men and boys on challenging gender-based violence (GBV) through questioning patriarchal notions and norms of masculinity. Supported by The Asia Foundation, TYPF worked with 13 young men, addressing issues of gender, discrimination, social norms, and sexuality, as well as building their feminist leadership capacities. The participants then used the knowledge and skills gained during the training to carry out social action projects in college campuses, schools, and also carried out a campaign in public spaces such as 1090 Chauraha in Lucknow.

In September 2017 TYPF organized a conclave that brought together the collective experiences of young men working on-ground on the issues of Gender Based Violence and Masculinities. The conclave further build their understanding on feminism, feminist leadership and masculinities and foreground ongoing work and positive examples from the field. An outcome document capturing the discussions and presented experiences will be created from this.

Our Impact

  • 13 young men were trained over 7 days in Lucknow to equip them with knowledge on power and patriarchy, gender and inequality, and sexual harassment in 2016. 
  • The trainings served as a safe space for the participants to share personal narratives and examine their ideas of masculinity, sex, sexuality, and violence.  
  • Through their social action projects, the participants reached out to more than 500 young people in educational institutions to generate awareness on gender-based violence, women's safety, human rights, and issues of masculinity. 
  • Digital media products such as posters and a podcast in collaboration with Agents of Ishq were developed and used during the campaigns as well as for public consumption. TYPF also created an action resource kit which collated existing resources that address masculinity and violence.