The YP Foundation (TYPF) is currently accepting applications for its Know Your Body, Know Your Rights (KYBKYR) Fellowship programme, which works to deliver stigma-free and rights-affirming information on issues of Gender, Sexuality, Health and Rights, and advocates for the same at community, state, national and international levels.

If you’re someone who believes that sex shouldn't be a taboo, and that young people today need information about their bodies and Sexual and Reproductive Rights, then this opportunity is for you!

Who can join?

It takes a lot to be a KYBKYR Fellow. Are you someone who believes in change, human rights and the fact that youth should have correct, accurate and reliable information about their own bodies? If your answer is YES, then this is the place for you!

That sounds like me! What would I have to do as a KYBKYR Fellow?

The main role of a KYBKYR Fellow is to implement the KYBKYR programme on-ground by conducting fun, interactive and informal workshops in various communities across Delhi.  The curriculum is flexible, and can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants.

Apart from implementing the programme, volunteers also get the opportunity to actually design their own curriculums around issues that they may be passionate about.  

That sounds interesting… where is the fellowship based?

Currently, we are only accepting applications for the Delhi leg of the KYBKYR programme. Our sincerest apologies to everyone who has already applied from anywhere else in the world!

I’m based in Delhi! How long would I have to be involved for?

The volunteer fellowship is a contract-bound, semi-professional role that requires a commitment of at least one year. If you wish to continue after that, you can also intern with us. And trust us, once you are on board you wouldn't want to leave!

Ok, how much time will I have to put in?

6-7 hours per week.

I can manage that! What’s the money like?

We do not offer any stipend to volunteers. But, we understand that there has been a hike in metro fares, and Uber is unsympathetic to student wallets, so we will reimburse you on all your travel expenses. 

That sounds alright to me. Are there any other perks?  

There are too many to count!

TYPF is a fun place to be in - you get to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who believe that young people should not have to rely on guesswork when it comes to their bodies and their rights.   You also get invaluable on-ground experience of working in different communities, while benefiting from our many skill-building workshops. If you like what you’re doing and want to get more involved in the programme, you can contribute towards monitoring and evaluation, or even design your own curriculum!

We also recognize the hard work our volunteers put into the programme, and want them to get the most out their involvement. To this end, we will provide you with opportunities to be a part of various platforms, conferences and trainings at the regional, national and international level.

Will I get a certificate of some kind?

Yes of course! And an LOR too :D But only if you stay with us for the whole year.

One last question... Where can I sign up?

You can apply by filling up this Google form. We can’t wait to have you on board!