KYBKYR 2.0 asserts the need for young people to have access to SRHR information that is fact-checked, evidence based, and sex-positive.


The KYBKYR Campaign 2.0 is a continuation of the Know Your Body, Know Your Rights campaign that The YP Foundation ran in 2010-2011. In 2010, the aim of the campaign was to highlight young people’s lived realities; their need, their experiences and the challenges they have faced in the attempt to acquire and disseminate sexuality education.

The campaign resulted in the “Shareer Apna, Adhikaar Apne” Report, which was created with the input of 52 youth activists from Uttar Pradesh, whose programmes together reached out to 1,96,905 young people in UP. Using this, they advocated for the inclusion and strengthening of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) policies and programmes for young people with state and national-level government officials.

Building on the successes of the campaign, TYPF is implementing KYBKYR 2.0 through 2017-18, a sustained national-level campaign with three primary objectives:

  1. To generate evidence on need for CSE for young people

  2. To raise awareness about what constitutes CSE, and importance and relevance of each component of the same

  3. To increase demand by young people for access to CSE


KYBKYR 2.0 provides resources that will assist young people to advocate for CSE with the decision-makers and authority figures in their lives, including family members, teachers, and administrators in educational institutions. The campaign also reaches out to these individuals directly, advocating for support for young people’s demand for access to information.