15 Days to Go
Nov 2009 25

There are 15 days to go for the first fundraiser we have ever put together and what a way to start! Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons on their first trip to India!

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Angarika Guha, In Charge Of Everything Going Wrong For Now Person
Nov 2009 30

The countdown has begun! 11 days to our first fundraiser!

Its so much easier being part of the audience. One gets to amble in, be ushered to a seat, kick back and groove to the music. The organisers on the other hand, running back and forth like plucked chickens.

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A million things; Music, Governance and Cleaning The Yamuna
Dec 2009 01

So the website is finally up! And my, is it kick arse! Kudos Gaurav! 🙂

Which brings us to the point where I’ve been asked to write 300 words on what I’m doing right now. Tough one, that.

My name is Ila Reddy and I currently head The Right to Information Branch at The YP Foundation.  There’s so much happening around here, I can’t decide where to start!

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Enthusiastic Blog Post No. 3
Dec 2009 02

Just read Angarika’s post and clearly the team has been working oh-so-hard and are pretty much losing their minds 🙂

AND finally we are doing a fundraiser! Its so cool to think that we will have a concert and actually walk away with some money as opposed to having no money to pay the band,printers etc and dealing with the repercussions next year. 🙂

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And the day gets closer …
Dec 2009 07

Besides the insanity that’s taken over (someone should really put up some of the e-mails circulating within staff, the not-so-inappropriate ones), and the fact that the concert is 3 minutes before the exams start, YAY! And we finally have a website to publicize it on! Hee hee .. 🙂

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