Become a Know Your Body, Know Your Rights (KYBKYR) Fellow

The YP Foundation’s Know Your Body, Know Your Rights Fellows are responsible for implementing the organisation’s Know Your Body, Know Your Rights Programme, which is a national level programme that seeks to empower young people to address their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.  KYBKYR Fellows are engaged in delivering stigma-free and rights-affirming information on issues of Gender, Sexuality, Health and Rights, and advocate for the availability of this information at community, state, national and international levels.

The fellowship is open to young people from all walks of life. Since it is a part-time engagement, it can be done alongside school, college or a full-time job.

As a KYBKYR fellow, you will conduct workshops on different topics related to gender, sexual health and rights, gender based violence, etc. in a resource-poor community in Delhi. Along with this, You will be given a host of opportunities to engage with these issues more deeply, ranging from support in designing your own curriculum around an issue you are passionate about, to the chance to attend and participate in state, national,and international-level advocacy platforms.

Upon completing your involvement with the KYBKYR Programme, you would not only have provided young people from marginalised communities information related to their bodies, but would have empowered them to become leaders in their communities, working to break stigmas and taboos around gender and sexual health. You can also expect to develop a deeper understanding of governmental policies around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and learn about processes through which you can influence the government’s work. Finally, upon completing your fellowship, you will be awarded a certificate and a letter of recommendation acknowledging your individual contributions to the programme.

To enroll for the KYBKYR Fellowship, join us for the introductory session on May 26 in A-16 basement, Geetanjali Enclave, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, 110017