Developing Youth Led Governance, Management & Accountability

The YP Foundation is run by a team of 15 staff members, who work both full time and part time, between 16-26 years of age. Our staff in management and programme teams work with volunteers on developing institutional capacities to fundraise, evaluate and assess institutional goals, coordinate media and press relationships, monitor finances and administration and oversee project management.

Our programmes focus on building accountability and leadership amongst young people and creating partnerships between young people and youth led/focused groups. Our programmes engage over 300 volunteers from across India each year. TYPF has been developed by young people from an idea to an institution and our work has been made possible by the solidarity, support and encouragement of people, communities and organizations who have believed in our vision.

One of the key tools through which this is done is the Organizational Development Committee Phases or the ODC Phases at The YP Foundation. A four part evaluation system, the ODC Phases bring together all the stakeholders that address a programme together, from our volunteers, staff members, board members and partners. The ODC Phases are collectively responsible for developing, monitoring and building all internal capacity and the organization’s annual calendar.

The four Phase Cycle runs every annual calendar. Our evaluation mechanism is a four-phase system that runs throughout the year from April to March. Each Phase is a series of brainstorming meetings that brings together all volunteers, staff members and board members from across the organization together.

  • Phase 1: Developing the Mission and Goals of the organization and its programmes for the year.
  • Phase 2: Conducting an early stage assessment and objectives alignment with all stakeholders within all programmes.
  • Phase 3: Stakeholders conduct a late stage critical review of each project and highlighting key focus areas.
  • Phase 4: Evaluating the effectiveness of the programmes conducted in the year with feedback from all stakeholders. This includes highlighting the way forward for the organization and recommendations on the basis of which the programme and the organization are evaluated.


The Board Of Trustees

The board at TYPF comprises of an advisory panel and permanent members. Consisting of four people, the board is chaired by the Managing Trustee. TYPF’s board is largely youth led and focuses on developing the sustainability, mission, vision and goals of the organization. Board members guide and work directly with staff on impact evaluation, result analysis, communications and fundraising and also bring innovative ideas to the work that we do. Our board members are:

Arshiya Sethi
Shahnaz Siganporia
Ishita Chaudhry
Vidyun Sabhaney (Advisory Board of Trustees)

Rohit Sethi & Associates (External Auditors)

Board Member Profiles

Our Staff

Our staff guide and work with up to 200+ committed volunteers each year – young people who are each peer educators, trainers, young professionals, artists, project managers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, technicians and inventors in their own right.

Every three years, our Core Staff team changes and every year, our volunteer base rotates as well. We have worked with over 5000 volunteers in the 8 years and our programmes have reached out to over 300,000 young people across New Delhi, India. We credit being able to survive being youth led, to the young people whose commitment, hard work and passion takes work forward each year. Meet the team!

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer | Ishita Chaudhry

Projects Manager | Gopika Bashi

Chartered Accountant | Amit Kumar, DRST Associates

Office Manager | Basant Ram

Programme Team

Blending Spectrum, Coordinator | Sumaya Saluja

Blending Spectrum, Curriculum Consultant | Anu Chaudhry

Silhouette, Coordinator | Angarika Guha

Film & Communications, Consultant | Rachit Sai Barak

The Right to Information Programme, Coordinator | Radhika Mathur

Know Your Body, Know Your Rights – Peer Education, Coordinator | Maneesha Singh

Know Your Body, Know Your Rights – Peer Education, Intern | Rizu Kashyap

The Butterfly Project, Intern | Akshay Lokapally

The Butterfly Project, Coordinator | Disha Sethi


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