6470818671 people in the world
Nov 2010 19

For almost a decade, The YP Foundation has been striving to help the youth community in numerous ways. Their determination to help and guide under-privileged children and young adults in context to health, education and development of the community as a whole has seen many success stories emerge where few were possible.

This year, I found myself part of this amazing project, helping their cause by raising money and volunteering to run in the Great Delhi Run. This was, needless to say, a very new and different experience for me. While collecting donations I found that it really isn’t difficult to get support from people around you as long as the cause is ‘worthwhile’. And I strongly feel that every cause, no matter what, is worthwhile as long as it helps someone even if it’s just ‘one’. It also made me realize just how many people need help and just how many people are willing to offer help.

Just a thought: At this moment there are close to 6470818671 people in the world, Some are running around scared, some are coming home, some tell lies to make it through the day, some just choose not to face the truth, some are evil and at war with the good while some are struggling against evil. Six billion people in this world, six billion souls and sometimes all you need is, one person trying to make a change.

What I learnt form my personal experience while raising money for the cause was that no matter how small or big the donation, it’s the thought behind it that really counts and at the end of the day passionate people make a difference.

Aarti Susan Mathew
Administrative Branch

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